The Community
of El Calvario

Montedespuma Children's Art Community Project

The El Calvario community is picturesque, reminding of the rich Cuban countryside despite its proximity to the urban zones nearby, and is an ideal environment for the creation and production of interactive arts.

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Special Activities

• El Salón de Acuarelas para niños (Watercolor Salon for children)
• La Fiesta del Fango and otros materiales (Festival of Mud and other materials)
• La Fiesta de los Murales (Festival of the Murals)
• Los Encuentros Arte-Naturaleza (Nature-as-Art findings)
• Recitales de Poesía (Poetry Recitals)
• Hospitality greeting areas where travelers can engage in discussions regarding Cuban contemporary art

Children's Art Community Project

Sponsored by artist José Antonio Hechavarria Rivas, this community art project teaches children how to work with recycled materials. Our intention is to assist the efforts of the Montedespuma Children’s Project, and that our visits create opportunities for the local families and their children to sell their artwork, benefitting the entire community of El Calvario.

Artist José Antonio Hechavarria Rivas

José Antonio Hechavarria Rivas Greets Visitor      

About Montedespuma Joyart

Montedespuma Joyart is a studio-gallery-shop that was founded in 2010 by fellow artists José Antonio Hechavarria Rivas and Yaima González Cabrera, in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality of El Calvario.

In addition to art programs, they promote cultural development within the community and open up more creative livelihood options. Montedespuma offers an integral transformation of the community, renewing their identity, customs and traditions.

Montedespuma elevates the quality of life within the community through the active participation of the writers, artists and other supporters. In addition, the formation of a strong cultural and educational base for the children enhances family unity within the neighborhood. Montedespuma is regularly visited by international cultural and educational exchange groups.

Montedespuma, more than a cultural project, is a comprehensive, complete educational art program that integrates different branches of the arts.

Montedespuma Joyart Kids PaintingMontedespuma Joyart Kids Painting